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3 Great Ideas to Maintain a Lawn and Garden for Homeowners

3 Great Ideas to Maintain a Lawn and Garden for Homeowners
November 11, 2020 Gabe Nelson

Whether you have a sprawling grassy lot or a small patch of lawn, a yard can say a lot about a home. Maintaining your lawn and garden can be a labour of love. It can also be a daunting task that can quickly get overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are some great ways to maintain your outdoor space and make it uniquely your own. With a little time, research, and effort, you can have a yard that you’re proud of. Options from hiring an amazing lawn service to selecting the perfect flower combination can give you the garden of your dreams.

Your outdoor area is an extension of your home. It can be used for everything from entertaining family to gathering with neighbours. Here are a few ideas to maintain your lawn and garden to boost your outdoor areas and kerb appeal.

Create The Healthiest Turf

Lush green grass is a staple of an attractive yard. Sometimes getting your turf up to its optimal health can be a tough feat. A little know-how and thoughtful care can make and keep your grass looking its best.

First off, getting down to the foundation of your lawn can give you valuable knowledge. Your soil can drive your lawn care plan and help create strong, resilient grass. A pH test is a good way to understand your lawn and what it needs to thrive.

It’s often considered preferable for your lawn’s pH level to be as close to 6.5 as possible. This gives grass the required nutrients to produce a lush lawn. You can pick up a soil test at your local hardware store, and it’s beneficial to test several areas of your lawn.

If your soil’s pH level is too low, a product like limestone can raise it to the desired level. This should be spread evenly around your yard using a granular spreader and watered in. You should wait a few weeks before retesting your soil to determine effectiveness.

If your soil’s pH level is too high, this could make it too alkaline to support good grass growth. This can be corrected by organic compost, or an acidic fertilizer can infuse required acidity into your soil. You should retest a few weeks after treatment and adjust your treatments to your new pH levels.

Ban Unsightly Weeds

Issues including invasive dandelions to sprawling clover can wreak havoc on your yard. Even the strongest grass can fall victim to weeds, which can also take over flower beds and vegetable gardens. Early control is a key to ridding your yard of this frustrating problem.

Preventing weeds before they start is ideal. This can be done by applying a traditional weed preventer in early spring before first blooms. If you get a jump on weed control before the weeds take hold, you can be successful with a more natural approach.

Corn gluten meal is an organic pre-emergent that can be used. It prevents the seeds of weeds from forming roots in your lawn. The germinating seeds then die, eliminating the weed from sprouting in the spring. To work effectively, the corn gluten needs to be applied in early spring or in the fall for the following season.

Unfortunately, sometimes weeds are inevitable. You can enlist a lawn service to safely get your weeds under control, especially if your lawn is showing significant damage. They should be able to advise on the appropriate chemicals to use on your specific grass. Such professionals should also be trained on the best practices for safe application to reduce damage to your lawn.

Weeds in flower beds and gardens can be an easier fix. You can simply pull them by hand if you catch them early. A little time invested in eliminating early weeds can prevent a big problem later on.

A common household product like a vinegar mixture can also be used to eliminate weeds. A common mixture is to mix one part vinegar to four parts water, fill a spray bottle and thoroughly mist your weeds. Ensure you spray carefully as the mixture can also kill other plant-life

Add Colour with Floral Blooms

Vibrant and beautiful flowers can add a ton of kerb appeal to your yard, and also give you the ability to personalize your space. Everything from wildflowers to trimmed roses can brighten up your exterior.

If you are looking for a more low maintenance approach, a pollinator garden can be a great addition to your yard. A butterfly bush, wildflowers, and lavender can all combine to make a beautiful, fragrant area. Plus you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful butterflies and bees flying by.

You could also add neat and coordinated blooms for splashes of colour. These are the perfect way to accentuate your home’s exterior. With a well-defined colour scheme, you can create a stunning floral combination.

A commonly adopted approach is choosing the right hues to  complement the colour of your home. Opposite colours on the colour wheel of your home’s exterior create pops of colour. If your home has a yellow tone, consider looking for purple and blue-hued alliums and irises. Alternatively, scarlet-hued daisies and pink coneflowers can complement a green exterior.

If your home has a more modern style, a monochromatic look mayfit right in. Look for low-maintenance white lilies and tulips that emerge year after year. White dahlias are also impressive and beautiful.

Whatever blooms you decide to use, nourishing them is key. A high-quality mulching product with organic compost mixed in can be of use. This will provide your flowers with nutrients while also preventing weeds. A good, thick layer of mulch can also make watering your flowers much more efficient.

Your Stunning Yard

Your yard can either improve or diminish the look of your home. It’s often the first thing people notice about your property. Taking great care of your lawn and garden can improve your kerb appeal and make your home stand out.

Take the time to decide on a plan for your yard. Create a space that fits your needs and matches your style. The time and effort you take to maintain your yard can feel well worthwhile when you kick back and relax in your stunning outdoor space.



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