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6 Things To Know When Buying A Home In Another City

6 Things To Know When Buying A Home In Another City
October 23, 2020 Ashley Halsey

While buying real estate can be stressful with considerations including mortgages, down payments, lenders, etc., buying a home out of state takes this stress to a new level. And if it turns out that you’ve bought a home that doesn’t do wonders for you, that’s when buyer’s remorse can creep up on you.

However, with the right people on your team, and a good real estate agent to help you, you  can avoid suffering home buyer’s remorse.

In this article, we’ll show you 6 things to know when you decide to pursue buying a home out of state. So, take a deep breath, and let’s get started!

  1. Find A Good Real Estate Agent

“You’ll need a reliable real estate agent to help you navigate through the home selection process, along with choosing the right neighborhood, and whatever mileage in the commute that you’re comfortable with,” says Timothy Andrus, a real estate blogger at Writinity and Last minute writing. “Ideally, you want an agent who knows the local area very well – someone who has helped other out-of-town clients buy a good home from another town.”

When choosing an agent to work with, ask friends or relatives for suggestions. Also, read online reviews, and then conduct interviews with as many agents as needed until you find the right agent.

  1. Consider Your Budget

While you might have the money to buy a house, you still have to think about the following:

  • Property values;
  • Price-per-foot costs; and
  • Closing expenses.

Keep in mind that those factors vary widely by location, even from a city to the suburbs. Therefore, it’s important to get a realistic sense of how much you want to spend on a new home. Finally, keep in mind these monetary factors as well:

  • Your income;
  • Net worth;
  • Credit score; and
  • Debt-to-income ratio.

These factors will determine how much you can afford, and what kind of mortgage you’ll most likely qualify for.

  1. Do Your Research

That’s right. Do your research. Then, do some more.

Doing tons of research before purchasing a home (whether it’s 30 kilometres away or 3,000 kilometres away in a different state) helps you get your feet wet when it comes to selecting the area, the home design, etc. As always, consult a real estate agent, and they can help you find the right home, along with more detailed information on certain queries that you might not have thought of.

Remember: the earlier you start your research, the less stressful the process will be.

  1. Beware Of Scammers

Like anything else online, scammers are also lurking in the real estate industry. A scenario that can occur is that scammers will make a listing of a house that’s actually not for sale using stolen photos, and then advertise it at a price that’s too good to be true. Once a buyer responds, a fake “bidding war” starts, and when you put down money to secure your offer the scammer takes off with that down payment.

Therefore, when doing your research, make sure that the agent that you talk to is real, and that they have an excellent reputation online.

  1. Verify Employment

“Typically, most lenders require proof of income based on pay stubs,” says Erin Hayward, a journalist at Draft beyond and Research Papers UK. “This is to ensure that the potential homebuyer can pay for the home and or any loans taken out to pay for it. Plus, for long-distance moves that include changing jobs, many lenders will allow a contract for employment to suffice for income verification, but talk to your loan officer in advance.”

  1. Get A Second Opinion

There’s nothing wrong with getting a second opinion on a new home, even if you’re working with an agent. In fact, friends and family can help influence your buying decision if you’re not sure where to go in the process. So, if you’re down to choosing between various houses, invite some of your friends and family to do a walk-through of the finalists.


As you go through the process of buying a new home in another city, keep in mind that the process takes patience, research, and an ability to stay calm. As you read through these 6 important things to know about home-buying in another city, make sure you have a great agent and a good support system to ensure that you’re making the right choice, and find a great home to live in for many years to come.


About the author: Ashley Halsey is a writer at Lucky assignments Edinburgh and Gum essays. As a professional writer, she has overseen many writing projects nationwide. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her two children.


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