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7 expert tips on how to improve the value of your home

7 expert tips on how to improve the value of your home
January 30, 2018 Claudia Beck
7 expert tips improve value home

7 expert tips on how to improve the value of your home

If you’re thinking of selling, why not spend a little to get more?

For example, spend a few thousand, and get one hundred thousand more…

Here are 7 expert tips on how to increase the value of your home:

1. Request advice from a pro

Depending on how far you want to take improvements, it may be worth your while to ask the advice of a pro, like a real estate consultant or interior designer.

A seasoned real estate consultant has a trained eye for elements that increase property value, and the experience of what buyers are looking for.

An interior designer can offer practical and small ways for enhancements that work towards increasing value.

2. Freshen things up with a paint

Painting walls is one of the simplest, affordable and best ways to freshen things up and provide an instant lift.

The majority of buyers will prefer neutral colours, so keep that in mind when considering a painting project.

3. Decrease energy costs

Anything that decreases monthly expenditure, will be of value to prospective buyers.

It could be as simple as maintaining air conditioning and heating – regularly cleaning vents, replacing filters on a monthly basis, and so on.

A consult with an energy pro would be helpful.

4. Install a deck

Installing a deck instantly transforms an outdoors area, and increases the value of your home. In fact, adding a wooden deck gives a ROI of 83.3% and for composite decking, 77% (Source).

Do your homework, because although the ROI of a wooden deck for instance, is higher than that of composite decking, there are great differences between timber and composite decking that impact cost in the long run.

5. Neaten up the garden

You don’t necessarily need to hire a landscaper to make a positive difference to your home; all that needs doing is a tidy-up: mow the lawn, tidy up the hedges, remove rubble, neaten up beds and ensure the grass is green.

Try sprucing up things with strategically placed attractive pot plants.

6. Make a good first impression

For a small amount, increase the street value of your property with these tips:

  • Paint the house a modern colour.
  • Renovate the roof if necessary. Fix broken or missing tiles, repaint if the colour has faded.
  • Add an attractive fence or hedge.
  • Create a walk path to the front door.
  • Add flowers for colour.
  • Show a well-tended lawn.
  • Keep the strip in front of the house neat (even though it doesn’t technically belong to you, it’s the first thing a buyer will see).
  • Spend some money on a nice front door.
  • Add privacy to the garden.

7. Make your home appear bigger

You don’t have to build on to make your home appear bigger; what’s important is that the eye sees space.

With this in mind, make each room feel bigger by replacing heavy closed curtains with lighter ones or blinds in order to let in the light and make it seem more open.

Try adding a single large mirror which gives the appearance of double the space.  Also, try adding a single large mirror to a room.

Clear the clutter and get organised, so that there is actually more open space.


Feature contributed by Claudia Beck, Perth based interior design consultant enthusiast and writer.


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