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A letter from us to you

A letter from us to you
December 21, 2016 Josh Rowe
a letter from us to you

A letter from us to you

Another year concludes. We have learned so much from you, our customers, but there still so much more which can be done. Here’s why:

Buying or selling a home is a broken process. In the past real price values were difficult to pin down. We provide an independent price prediction.

Your feedback is that our price predictions save you time, money and heartache.

There’s more to finding a home than just understanding price. Arming you with the right knowledge in your property journey is our aim. Whether that is bidding at an auction, inspecting a property or negotiating a private sale.

The core of our business is to be transparent.

We do this to earn your trust.

We hope you have a safe and happy Christmas with those you care about most.

Your feedback is already shaping up our plans for 2017.


Josh & the REALas team



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