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Airbnb property management explained

Airbnb property management explained
March 8, 2018 Olivia Clark

Airbnb property management explained

Are you a landlord or real estate investor who rents out vacation homes on Airbnb? Are you getting tired of managing your rentals and keeping it in tip-top condition? Providing hotel-like support while doing less and earning more is surely dream of many Airbnb hosts, but only a few are able to accomplish that dream.

Besides, managing Airbnb property hardly compares to managing a long-term rental. While a long-term rental might require a walk-through at the start of a six month or a year lease and some on-going maintenance, the upkeep and management required for a successful Airbnb rental, more often than not, becomes a day-in and day-out ordeal. This is where an Airbnb property management company can help. From listing the property on Airbnb and accepting guests to dealing with any issues that may arise during their stay, these property management companies work as a middleman or liaison between host and guest and alleviate much of the stress that inevitably comes from renting property on Airbnb.

Not to mention, the property management company will also handle duties like clean-up, maintenance, walk-through as well as yard upkeep. Needless to say, all of this takes the fuss and worry of owning a property off your plate and allows you to put more focus on growing your Airbnb business. Considering the fact that many Airbnb property management services often come with expert marketing staff, they can also help you write engaging information about your property, coordinate fabulous pictures that show your property in the best light and manage customer interaction on a daily basis.

Read on to find out five facts about Airbnb property management:

1. Effective maintenance management system

Whether you have rented out one or several properties, they will require maintenance on an ongoing basis. If you try to manage it all on your own, there’s a great chance you are going to get burnt out sooner or later. In many cases, there are simply not enough hours in the day, and that can lead to you not being able to get to the walk-through, cleaning and repairs before a new tenant shows up. By working with an Airbnb property management company, you can have confidence and peace of mind knowing that their team of professionals will take care of all of it for you. In addition, many property management companies also have automation software solutions in place for managing communication with customers, maintenance requests among others.

2. Marketing and guest management

As more and more property owners turn to Airbnb for steady and flexible income; it’s becoming harder to stand out. Airbnb Property management companies can provide you with the help you need in terms of marketing your property to the potential customers, to make sure you are in the best spot to maximize your income. Furthermore, the agency will administer the advertisements in print ads or Internet and screen all your phone calls. Not to mention, these companies have the competitive advantage of knowing the local real estate market inside and out.

3. Help in reducing risk

Without a doubt, a property management service can go a long way toward lowering risks, specifically financial risk. These Airbnb property management companies not only ensure that the contracts are well-written, but also help in ensuring that the rental agreements release you from some liabilities, while still giving you the power to take legal action against a tenant or guest for any damages.

4. Keeping inventory

Although it may seem unlikely, re-stocking your Airbnb property with soap, laundry detergent, kleenex etc. can cost you a fortune and add much more work. If not managed properly, these supplies will run out leaving you with unhappy guests. An Airbnb property management company can keep track of all these essentials and will re-stock them as and when needed. Add to that, the property management companies buy these supplies in bulk, so it saves you money in the long run.

5. Responding to inquiries

Let’s face it, promptly responding to inquiries from your guests is of the utmost importance, considering the fact that your Airbnb rating depends on it. Besides, quickly responding to queries also shows how professional and dedicated you are as a host. However, with busy daily lives, responding to customers’ queries round the clock can be difficult, to say the least. An Airbnb property management company will make sure to respond to the inquiries of every guest, or potential customers, at all hours.

At the end of the day, outsourcing to Airbnb property management companies is often the most prudent choice, as they will not only save you time and effort, but will also help in popularising your rental and taking your Airbnb business to the next level.


Author bio: Olivia Clark is a professional writolivia clarker working with many companies. She is currently associated with Yallarent, Airbnb Property Management Company. She loves to share her views regarding Airbnb Property Management.



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