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Brad Teal Real Estate Embraces Digital Disruption

Brad Teal Real Estate Embraces Digital Disruption
February 3, 2016 Josh Rowe

Brad Teal Real Estate secured two positions in the Top 10 most accurate agents list in December 2015.

Real estate agents which provide accurate home price quotes save home buyers time, money and heartache.

Smart real estate agencies like Brad Teal Real Estate do not see digital disruption as a threat to their business.  They use this extra information to promote their better service experience over their competitors.

Many other consumer industries have been digitally disrupted from booking travel online, trading shares without requiring a broker to purchasing retail goods.  However, people still play important service roles in those disrupted industries by using the new technologies available to them.

Real estate is being being digitally disrupted whether incumbents like it or not.

At the heart of the disruption of the real estate industry will be improved transparency of information; quantitative (such as price) and qualitative information (such as service quality).

Congratulations to Brad Teal Real Estate for the courage to venture into new territory that many of your competitors fear.


Brad Teal Real Estate


Brad Teal Real Estate

Brad Teal Real Estate was established in 1987 as a single office in Essendon. The company has since expanded into a vibrant ten office network, servicing the broader north-west and district communities with professional real estate services.

Brad Teal maintains an active role in the business and has developed a team that has a well deserved reputation for strong local knowledge, experience and professionalism.

Underpinning the growth of the agency has been a corporate culture of high ethical standards, community involvement and an uncompromising professional obligation to deliver exceptional service. This continues today and into the future, as Brad Teal Real Estate maintains a strong commitment to innovative business strategies using state-of-the-art technology and methods, all designed to produce the best possible outcomes for clients.

Brad Teal Real Estate has offices in Essendon, Ascot Vale, Avondale Heights, Pascoe Vale South, Coburg, Brunswick, Keilor, Caroline Springs, Sunbury and Gisborne.



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  1. Caro 4 years ago

    Hi guys
    I don’t understand why you are congratulating Brad Teal on two spots in the top 10 when they have an agency appearing in the most inaccurate too. Cuts both ways?!

    • Author
      Josh Rowe 4 years ago

      Hi Caro, It does cut both ways.

      We hope to see all real estate agencies improve their accuracy through the availability of transparent agent rankings.

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