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  • The Block Blocktagon Sold Prices

    The Block 2017 winners and sold prices revealed. Look away now if you don’t want to know the result! The…

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    Disrupting Real Estate

    What is Disrupting Real Estate? Disrupting real estate means that the future of the industry is changing … and it’s…

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    Property Chat Forum Review Before purchasing a home it’s important to conduct thorough research using a range of information sources. The…

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    How to Avoid Getting Screwed Over by a Tradie

    Ask your friends about their experiences with tradies and you’ll be sure to get some long-winded horror story about an…

  • How to Deal with the Neighbour from Hell

    How to Deal with the Neighbour from Hell

    The neighbour who parties long into the night. The neighbour who allows their dog to poop on your lawn. The…

  • Are You Prepared For A Recession?

    How Prepared Are You For a Recession?

    If you follow the news, you’ve probably heard the doom and gloom surrounding Australia’s economic future. For those of you…

  • Why Australians Have so Much to Smile About

    Why Australians Have so Much to Smile About Let’s not beat about the bush. With its rugged mountain ranges, pristine…