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  • Melbourne suburbs where buyers have an advantage

    The amount of days a property has been listed on the market is one major piece of information all home…

  • Sydney Apartment Price Trends

    What’s the deal with Sydney’s apartment prices?

    Many opinions have been going around about the movement of apartment prices in Sydney. Some economists are tipping it to…

  • Gold Coast’s top 10 “overachieving” suburbs

    We have already told you about the top 10 underquoted suburbs in Victoria and New South Wales. Now it’s time…

  • Sydney's affordable suburbs

    Sydney’s Most Affordable Suburbs

    Who doesn’t love Sydney? Full of iconic landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge, Opera house, and $2.98m 1 bedroom apartments.…

  • NSW’s top 10 “overachieving” suburbs

    Last week, we listed the top 10 suburbs in Victoria where properties were sold for higher than their listed price.…

  • Top 10 “overachieving” Suburbs in Victoria

    How many times have you wished to buy a property, only to be disappointed when it sells outside its advertised…

  • Melbourne’s most affordable suburbs

    Melbourne’s most affordable suburbs

    Knowing which suburbs are affordable and compliment your lifestyle is the first step in finding a new home in Melbourne.…

  • block 2017 josh elyses coburg home sells

    The Block 2017: Josh and Elyse’s home sells for $1.63m

    The Block 2017: Josh and Elyse’s Coburg home sells for $1.63m The winners of The Block 2017, Josh and Elyse,…

    by Josh Rowe
  • property market cools misquoting continues

    Property market cools but misquoting continues

    Property market cools but misquoting continues While underquoting complaints have soared there has been minimal abatement in the misquoting of…

    by Josh Rowe
  • 20 real estate stars

    20 Real estate stars

    20 Real estate stars The real estate stars are the agents which don’t muck home buyers around. They save buyers…

    by Josh Rowe