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  • buy worst house best street

    Worst house in the best street buying strategy

    Should you buy the worst house in the best street? A very frequent phrase used in the real estate industry…

    by Josh Rowe
  • understanding psychology home buyers

    Understanding the psychology of home-buyers

    Understanding the psychology of home-buyers It may behoove the real estate sellers and agents to understand the psychology of a…

  • property prices

    7 factors which influence property prices

    Will property prices go up or down? That’s the question Aussies love to talk about Australia’s love affair with property…

  • Buying property

    Buying property in 2018? 3 Changes you need to know about

    Buying property in 2018? According to the experts, Australia’s property market is taking a turn. What does this mean for…

  • choosing a school

    Choosing a school right for your child before buying

    Looking to buy within the zone of a popular school to guarantee your child a place? Maybe you should think…

  • help chlldren buy property

    How parents can help their children buy property

    What? Help the children buy property? Never! What with children these days facing high HECS/HELP debts and soaring property prices, some…

  • safe neighbourhood

    How do you know you’re buying into a safe neighbourhood?

    You love the property, but is it in a safe neighbourhood? Email newsletter subscribers: here’s the How parents can help…

  • Is Downsizing The Right Move For You?

    Is Downsizing The Right Move For You? The kids have finally left the roost and you’re tired of mowing lawns that…

  • buy first sell first

    Buy First or Sell First: Which is Better?

    Buy First or Sell First: Which is Better? It seems the natural order of things. You see a house you…

  • astute property investor

    How to be an Astute Property Investor

    People investing in real estate fall into two main categories: amateurs pretending to be professionals and astute investors.

    by Josh Rowe