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  • Brad Teal Real Estate Embraces Digital Disruption

    Brad Teal Real Estate secured two positions in the Top 10 most accurate agents list in December 2015. Real estate…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Shock Sydney Real Estate Agent Rankings

    Shock Sydney Real Estate Agent Rankings Home buyers and property investors will be shocked by the latest Sydney real estate…

    by Josh Rowe
  • We Stuffed Up

    We stuffed up. The most shared realAs article in 2015 was us admitting to our stuff up.  We pride ourselves on…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Who do You Trust in Real Estate?

    Trust is a feeling of confidence in someone that shows you believe they are honest, fair, and reliable The amount…

    by Josh Rowe
  • The Block Blocktagon Sold Prices

    The Block 2017 winners and sold prices revealed. Look away now if you don’t want to know the result! The…

    by Josh Rowe
  • disrupting real estate

    Disrupting Real Estate

    What is Disrupting Real Estate? Disrupting real estate means that the future of the industry is changing … and it’s…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Clearance Rates Plummet

    Melbourne and Sydney’s auction clearance rates are heading southbound according to data supplied by CoreLogic. Syd & Mel auction clearance…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Asking Prices Dropped

    Real estate agent asking prices dropped in suburbs across Australia last month. There is talk of the booming metropolitan property…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Fueling the Real Estate Revolution

    You are part of the real estate revolution.  Home buyers have beaten the agents at their own game. Collectively, we…

    by Josh Rowe
  • The Future of Realestate

    A Glimpse into the Future of Real Estate

    What will the real estate industry look like in 20-30 years? Picture houses built by robots and virtual reality display…