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  • knockout bid

    Knockout bid auction strategy

    Knockout bid auction strategy Sometimes before an auction, if you have worked out that there are a lot of interested…

    by Josh Rowe
  • The perils of exhaustion

    The perils of exhaustion You have been looking for so long you have started to become desperate. Your expectations have…

    by Josh Rowe
  • First Home Buyer’s Guide to Success

    First Home Buyer’s Guide to Success Buying your first home can be an exhilarating and daunting experience. It’s one of…

  • property Investment beginners

    Beginner’s Guide to Property Investment

    Property Investment for Beginners Thinking about property investment but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Property investment has…

  • When the “Wow!” fades

    When the “Wow!” fades You need Wow!  If you’re not in love with a house within a few minutes of…

    by Josh Rowe
  • 5 location nightmares to avoid for the new year

    If you’re on the search for your next home, you’ve probably narrowed down the suburb you want to live in,…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Avoid fumbled catches

    Avoid fumbled catches You can go through everything it takes to find exactly what you are looking for only to…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Live where you’re thinking of buying

    Live where you’re thinking of buying Is this the right house for the way you live? Is the floor plan…

    by Josh Rowe