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  • hocking stuart richmond

    Hocking Stuart Richmond Prosecuted For Underquoting

    Hocking Stuart Richmond is the first real estate agency to be prosecuted by the Andrews Government for underquoting following a…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Melbourne Real Estate Agent Rankings

    Melbourne Real Estate Agent Rankings The Melbourne real estate rankings are in for December and despite a cooling property market,…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Shock Sydney Real Estate Agent Rankings

    Shock Sydney Real Estate Agent Rankings Home buyers and property investors will be shocked by the latest Sydney real estate…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Honest Agent: Investigate the Quotes

    Investigate the quotes Consumer Affairs investigators could obtain evidence of estate agents’ underquoting by inspecting the estimates submitted by agents…

    by John Keating
  • Sydney Underquoting Report; New Laws in Force

    Sydney underquoting was a state election issue by the Baird government. On January 1, 2016 Minister Victor Dominello introduced new underquoting…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Six VIC Agents Investigated; Melbourne’s Worst Underquoting Hotspots

    Melbourne’s Worst Underquoting Hotspots Consumer Affairs Victoria are probing six Victorian real ­estate agencies for suspected underquoting following a statewide blitz.…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Real Estate Agent Rankings

    Real Estate Agent Rankings The difference in real estate agent rankings between those which accurately quote prices before an auction…

    by Josh Rowe
  • We Stuffed Up

    We stuffed up. The most shared realAs article in 2015 was us admitting to our stuff up.  We pride ourselves on…

    by Josh Rowe
  • 81% of Real Estate Agent Price Quotes Inaccurate

    81% of real estate agent price quotes for auctions in Victoria resulted in final sale prices greater than 10%.  In…

    by Josh Rowe
  • Real Estate Agencies Under Investigation for Underquoting

    The NSW Department of Fair Trading has finally grown some teeth by tackling the problem that many prospective home buyers face…

    by Josh Rowe