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Don’t Buy That Home in Haste

Don’t Buy That Home in Haste
October 29, 2015 Josh Rowe

You take one look from the street or it’s your first WOW! as you walk inside.

“That’s it. Search over. This is me. I’ve found it at last.”


Too many homes are bought in haste and regretted in very, very long leisure. We know people who have burst into tears the day they moved in — only then did they realise how big was the mistake they had to live in.

For a very long time.

Rule 1

Never, never, never make up your mind on the first inspection.

Take the brochure away with you and ignore most of it.

The text is real estate agent speak and you know how believable that is. And we’ve seen a million photos that have been taken to make closets look like ballrooms and everything impossibly good.

What you need to take your time over is the floorplan.

Does it flow? Does it suit the way you live?

Is where you’ll eat near the kitchen? Do you have to go through a living area to get to a bathroom? Are bedrooms a wall’s thickness away from where you’ll want to put a turned-up TV?

In your mind, “live” in the home for a typical weekday and weekend. How will you move through the rooms from the time you get up until you hit the sack again? Do you have night-owls who will be coming home through a front door right next to a bedroom? How does it work for party-time?

Do you need areas where you can get away from each other to work or study?

That kind of thing.

Then, the area.

You’re working? How will you get there and how long will that take? Are there kids who will need to get to school? How? (And is there a suitable school nearby?)

A dog? Where will you go for walks?

Shopping? Of course.

Think about all the everyday things you do and how this home will help make them pleasure or pain.

Big garden? Someone better love gardening.

No-one needs to tell you it’s a huge decision. Just be sure to give it the time it needs.

And if you have advice to offer about choosing the right home, there are others who would love to read that here.

The Comments box is all yours.



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