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Find your next home near a school

Find your next home near a school
October 24, 2019 REALas Team
Search by schools

When looking at buying a new home or even an investment property, have you been looking at suburbs and focusing of a handful of suburbs that is near your parent’s home, work, place of worship, school or some other criteria important to you?

Well, here at REALas, we are always exploring new ways of enhancing the search for your ideal real estate properties and providing our house hunters a different tool to compliment their home buying journey.

This has led to the release of our new Search by school name feature on which allows you to find properties on a market near a school or even recently sold properties near that school. In addition, on all our property pages, you can also see schools near a property.

Note, we do not at this time identify if the property is within a specific school’s zone but rest assured we are working on adding that as soon!

Jump on to, to check out this new feature now.

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