REALas Australia’s most accurate property price predictions
REALas Australia’s most accurate property price predictions

How to get rid of your old IKEA furniture? Sell it back

How to get rid of your old IKEA furniture? Sell it back
June 28, 2018 Mark O'Neill
How to get rid of your old IKEA furniture? Sell it back

How to get rid of your old IKEA furniture? Sell it back

Stop throwing away your IKEA furniture … take it back and get store vouchers instead. Read article

LIVING LARGE: Entire town hits the market for unbelievable price

This could be the ultimate bargain. An entire town complete with 12 houses, helipad and tennis court could be yours for just $500,000. Read article

Franco Cozzo sale: “No listen anybody, I’m staying Footscray”

Breathe easy, Franco Cozzo isn’t leaving his beloved Footscray, yet. Find out what’s in store for the iconic furniture shop in the years to come after its ultimate $7 million-plus grand sale. Read article

$253m mega-mansion hits market: ‘Budget was there is no budget’

One of the most expensive houses on the planet has hit the market for an eye-watering $253 million. It comes with 21 bathrooms, a fully-stocked champagne room, a wall of candy and $30 million in luxury cars thrown in. Read article

New bank mortgage loans to fall 8 per cent amid APRA, royal commission crackdown

Australians will be able to borrow about $30,000 less to buy a house as banks tighten their lending practices. Read article

The green Australian dream: Push to make hemp houses the way of the future

Hemp oil, hemp clothing, and now – hemp houses. A Perth-based company has found a new way of processing the versatile plant and has developed building panels to create affordable, “carbon-negative” housing. Read article

Historic Fairfield House in Windsor hits property market

This historic property has been home to a pioneer, hosted an international cricket team and entertained theatre actors. Now a licensed wedding reception, it is up for grabs after 30 years. Read article

Oprah snaps up US$8m island getaway

A company linked to Oprah Winfrey has snapped up a scenic, 16ha getaway on Orcas Island in Washington state for US$8.275m, according to property records and a spokeswoman for the star. Read article

Top dog Luke Beveridge selling Bentleigh East family kennel

Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge and his wife Dana are selling their Bentleigh East home of almost 25 years. Take a look inside. Read article

Why drying rooms are the feature every homeowner wants in winter

It’s the room everyone wishes they had in winter. Read article


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