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Gold Coast’s top 10 “overachieving” suburbs

Gold Coast’s top 10 “overachieving” suburbs
June 1, 2018 Kritina Gupta

We have already told you about the top 10 underquoted suburbs in Victoria and New South Wales. Now it’s time we shift our focus to the next city on our list – Gold Coast.

Queensland is a popular state with many attractions for tourists and locals alike. It’s no surprise that the next city that was going to fall in our radar would also be one of the more popular cities in Queensland. With tourists flocking there every year, and high school graduates using schoolies as an excuse to go to Gold Coast; it’s pretty evident that real estate brokers would avail this popularity to sell properties for a higher value.

What did we find?

Below is a list of the top 10 “overachieving” suburbs in Gold Coast. If you’re looking at one of these suburbs, you might expect to pay more than what the agent is telling you.

Gold CoastSuburbPercentage of sold over listed
Source: May 2018
3Highland Park59%
4Upper Coomera58%
5Pacific Pines54%
7Varsity Lakes52%
9Reedy Creek50%

What does this mean?

Houses that sell above their listed price may indicate they are in a high demand area. On the other hand, it might just be a result of agent pricing tactics.

One explanation is that suburbs that are closer to a waterbody or public transport may attract more potential buyers, and drive prices beyond the listed number. Bilinga sits on the top of that list and is right next to the beach.

There can be multiple other reasons for why a property may sell at a higher value than what it’s listed at, however that should not deter you from going out on auction day and bidding on a property. Use this list as an indication of setting an accurate budget, and not getting outbid on auction day.

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