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Hocking Stuart Richmond Prosecuted For Underquoting

Hocking Stuart Richmond Prosecuted For Underquoting
February 8, 2016 Josh Rowe
hocking stuart richmond

Hocking Stuart Richmond is the first real estate agency to be prosecuted by the Andrews Government for underquoting following a state-wide blitz.

Eleven properties in Richmond and Kew were advertised by the Hocking Stuart Richmond agency for well below the final selling price.

“Whilst most real estate agents are doing the right thing, there is still a problem to address in this industry

It’s heartbreaking for potential buyers when they are lured into properties they can’t afford.

It’s about sending a message to the agents that we are cracking down, and we will find you.” –  Minister Jane Garrett.



The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) has not published a statement on their web site or through their Twitter account regarding the Hocking Stuart Richmond case.

Is it too difficult for the REIV to acknowledge the elephant in the room?


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