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Mastering private sales

Mastering private sales
November 12, 2014 Josh Rowe

Thinking outside the square can make or break any private sale negotiation and it is fundamentally what ultimately saves you money. More importantly it makes the deal happen. You have to always be one step ahead of the real estate agent, which in turn makes you one step closer to the owner.

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Following the Real Estate Institute of Victoria’s rebuke last week, real estate agents have expressed differing views about whether increased information transparency is a good thing for the industry.

Matthew Scafidi

Matthew Scafidi

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Consumers of travel and tourism have benefited from services like TripAdvisor which provide the buyers perspective, so why are some in the real estate industry so reluctant to embrace change?

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5 results the agents don’t want buyers to see

11 Kaolin Ct Blackburn North VIC
SOLD $1,134,000
Agent $900,000 – $1,000,000 = 26% – 12% off
#realAsPredicts $1,114,000 = 2% off

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128 Broome St Maroubra NSW
SOLD $1,225,000
Agent $1,000,000 = 23% off
#realAsPredicts $1,167,000 = 5% off

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5 Bunya St Bushland Beach QLD
SOLD $360,000
Agent $300,000 = 20% off
#realAsPredicts $344,000 = 5% off

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77 Porter St Parkside SA
SOLD $682,000
Agent $600,000 = 14% off
#realAsPredicts $669,000 = 2% off

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83 Spinaway Parade Falcon WA
SOLD $875,000
Agent $990,000 = 12% off
#realAsPredicts $866,000 = 1% off

More homes in Falcon WA predicts prices accurately and is an essential research tool for property buyers.

In the news:

  1. Hopes of buying a home have turned into a nightmare for a Melbourne couple who have spent months chasing properties that eventually sold for up to 50 per cent more than the original quoted price – 25pc underquoting by real estate agents ‘the new norm’
  2. Andrew Winter says refusing agents the right to divulge a price guide for properties to be auctioned defies common sense and could drive buyers away. Price-guide ban set to hurt Queensland real estate

Real Estate Jargon:  Cash Flow – In real estate, money generated from your property.

#realAsPredicts weekend wrap

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Happy house hunting.
Josh Rowe, CEO

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