REALas Australia’s most accurate property price predictions
REALas Australia’s most accurate property price predictions

New REALas website launched!

New REALas website launched!
September 28, 2017 Josh Rowe
new realas website launched

Blast off! Our new website has launched!

Take a walk on the red pink carpet. REALas is now Open for Inspection!  Along with our fresh new look, our site is smarter than ever before and provides you with:

  • The most accurate property predictions in Australia*
  • Predictions on more properties on the market
  • Property photos (because we all love photos)
  • More detail like the number of days on market, sale and rental history, year built and price per square metre
  • Tracking your favourite properties — love, like or share them.

We work hard to save buyers’ time by providing accurate price predictions so they can get ahead of the game. We’d love it if you could tell your friends and family about our new website. Pretty please and thank you! Imaginary *high five*!

Thanks for helping to inspire our changes and for your continued support.


*Based on a national market comparison of a number of free price predictions on approx. 5,000 listed properties with available sales data during Aug & Sep 2017.

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