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realAs predicts home sale prices within 5% on average for FREE

realAs predicts home sale prices within 5% on average for FREE
August 7, 2014 Josh Rowe

realAs: Shaking the foundations of the real estate industry

The news of realAs has broken nationally in The Australian – and will reverberate through news articles, features and news networks across the country.

Those who have been supporters, drivers, researchers and advocates of a fairer, more transparent and accountable real estate industry, realAs has arrived.

We hope you’ll share our excitement that the launch of realAs will help realise these long awaited changes. We’ve kept realAs under wraps during the three year development phase and at last we’re able to share it with you.

What is realAs?

realAs is a revolutionary new disruptive technology that will fundamentally change the real estate industry as we know it. realAs will change the way Australians search for, buy – and sell homes. This new app predicts a property’s sale price with incredible accuracy (on average within 5% of actual sale prices). The app also encourages buyers to exchange views about homes they have seen and the agents they are dealing with.

Who’s behind realAs?

realAs is backed by a stellar team of Melbourne-based investors. Co-founded by Australia’s first buyers’ advocate, David Morrell, realAs is backed by an impressive board of respected identities from across real estate, law, sport, digital and marketing, including Morrell, Andrew Newbold, Jeremy Press and Josh Rowe. The realAs team are currently considering several other partners and investors.

How does realAs work?

The app’s core functionality is its learning algorithm that grows more accurate with the more people that use it. The algorithm has been developed over three years by computer scientists at RMIT University. The rest we can’t tell you … realAs is designed to be used as a companion site to all the property portals you are currently using. You know the ones with the great photos, and the low, low agent quoted prices. realAs brings the real into the equation with it’s unique learning algorithm, “It’s a very smart algorithm that listens to buyers … it understands what’s a good property, it understands what’s a bad property and it understands what the property value is”, says our founder and director David Morrell.

Why is realAs a game-changer?

Under-quoting on property prices is bane of most buyers. realAs is about to change all of that. This will bring big benefits to home buyers and investors. realAs helps reduce the emotional turmoil that comes with buying a home, realAs is by buyers, for buyers to research and make the right property purchase decisions. Saving buyers time, money and heartache. For investors, realAs provides a critical data point regarding accurate sale price predictions. Our Director Andrew Newbold is enthused that “realAs brings a new level of honesty and transparency to the industry.”

We believe realAs will turn the real estate industry on its head. The app will put the power in the hands of the buyers and sellers by giving them accurate prices and predictions, transparency and confidence. We hope you will be as excited about the step-change the app has the potential to cause.

We’d value your feedback so please check it out on, download the iPhone app at and let us know what you think.

Best regards on behalf of the board and the incredibly talented team who created realAs.


Josh Rowe


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