REALas Australia’s most accurate property price predictions
REALas Australia’s most accurate property price predictions

realAs wins Westpac Innovation Challenge

realAs wins Westpac Innovation Challenge
November 20, 2014 Josh Rowe is the inaugural winner of the Westpac Innovation Challenge.  Over two months startup incubator BlueChilli plus Westpac whittled down over 100 applications to 5 finalists.  Yesterday the finalists pitched to panel of senior Westpac and BlueChilli staff. was declared the winner.

We will use the prize money to improve the current web site, realAs iPhone app and build a (much asked for) Android app.

The Top 10 underquoted suburbs for VIC and NSW in October were:

2014-11-14 AFR graphic square.001

2014-11-14 AFR graphic square.002

Auction tip

It’s an auction. The property is passed in to you as the highest bidder.

Now go slow.

Don’t rush inside and into the clutches of the agents. Play for time.  You want all the other possible buyers to leave before you start talking turkey. There’s also a good chance that the agents want to wrap things up so they can get on to their next auction, so there’s extra pressure on them.

Say you have to ask for advice. Take time to relax and then go inside and, again, take your time.

If the other bidders are still there then ask them to leave and negotiate hard.

– David Morrell predicts prices accurately and is an essential research tool for property buyers.

Here’s what the press has been saying about realAs.

#realAsPredicts weekend wrap

Have you been following the #realAsPredicts results? Here’s how we did last weekend.

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Happy house hunting.
Josh Rowe, CEO

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  1. Jon Bale 5 years ago

    Great work by you guys…

    I looked at a property last weekend – 42 waratah st bentleigh east

    they are quoting $700k-$750k. The property sold a few years ago in a much softer market for around $720k, and since then they have obtained a planning permit for 2 dwellings, which should inflate its value of course. The agent said one buyer had sounded out the vendor with a figure of $830k, however nothing formal was submitted with the agent advising that it would need to be north of that too be seriously considered…… 700-750 is just simply misleading…… Jon

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