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Renovating your basement into the perfect game room

Renovating your basement into the perfect game room
February 9, 2018 Mark Chop
renovating basement perfect game room

Renovating your basement into the perfect game room

Most homeowners often whine about the lack of storage and that they need another one or two rooms. The basement and the attic are all fantastic alternatives for incorporating another living room to your house. While they’re only poorly maintained storage regions in many houses, it’s likely to change those forgotten nooks into stunning and usable spaces.  If you are looking for a place to put a game room, I suggest you try with the basement. Here are some smart pointers to help you style an unforgettable game room for you and your family.

1. Build on a strong base

While there are lots of small things about designing and decorating you can compromise, the size and height of your basement is not one of them! This becomes two times as important if planning to get a game room in the loft. A normal game room may include a pool table, ping-pong dining table or other furniture that call for a solid floor. Add to the the frenzied action which frequently has a game space you can see that your floor needs to be more powerful than normal. Get a professional opinion on the structural power before leaping into the renovation.

2. Choose an easy colour scheme

Whenever you are designing a tiny area, it’s ideal to stick to a colour scheme that’s bright. The same thing is with the basement – it has to be bright. This simple yet stylish appearance reduces visual fragmentation of this room and enables your game room to look much bigger than it truly is. Attempt to use only a couple of accent colours in the best, and maintain the colour palette as monochromatic as you possibly can. As you are turning the loft into a game area, an overload of glowing colours can quickly turn the game room into a panic room. That means you have to avoid too much and too strong colours.

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3. The light up there!

Basements usually don’t have windows and when they do, they are small and you can’t have them as good source of light. You have to use the synthetic lighting to match and enhance the natural lighting. With sconces and recessed lighting provides this much desired ambient lighting and saves on valuable square footage. Most game rooms do need a lot of concentrated lighting. Pendants are definitely the perfect choice here.

4. Cozy seats and floor cushions

These cushioned chairs provide ample seating, and you may also use this small corner to escape the rush and grab on a few tranquil moments once the game room isn’t being used. Aside from the dreamy seat, floor cushions and bean bags provide you plush chairs choices without needing to go for traditional chairs and bar stools.

This is an option that depends only on how big your basement actually is. Any decoration that you selects needs to be proportional to how big the space is.

5. Fancy a game?

An evaluation of the potency of your basement will provide you a reasonable idea about what you’re able to insert in your game room. Basements may be too little to hold multiple gambling tables so you may decide on only one. Or do you have to? There are lots of game tables out there which bring together billiards, air hockey and even foosball table in one construction! If you want, you can shop for such intelligent tables. In case you have decided to go with the custom order, put specific requirements in the table because you can. You’ll be amazed by what performers can get done nowadays!

The game room is room for you and your family. Do the room the way you like it because it is a room where you are hanging out and relaxing. Today, that is a big deal when you remember how stressful your life can be!

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Author bio: Mark Chop is a foosball player and a blogger who has a blog about foosball. There you can read anything you want to know about foosball. Besides that, he is a civil engineer, Star Wars fan and cooking enthusiast.


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