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Resort-style living – how to give your home the WOW factor!

Resort-style living – how to give your home the WOW factor!
February 10, 2018 Alex Hamilton
resort style living give home wow factor

Resort-style living – how to give your home the WOW factor!

Are you in love with resort style living? A relaxing natural home where you can sit in your outdoor reclining chair and enjoy the beautiful Australian sun all summer long.

If you’re planning to build a new home or purchasing an existing one, it’s time to start planning the layout and design. Resort-style living is one of relaxation and tranquillity. While many houses today lack the features of a resort-style home, with a few considerations, you’ll have a home that your friends and family can only dream of.

Here are a few key tips that will give your home the WOW factor!

Finding a specialised home builder

If you’re planning to build a new resort-style home, the first task on your ‘to-do’ list is finding the right builder. Each builder has a portfolio of completed houses and they usually tend to stick to a few specific styles of homes. Speak to your local custom home builders and read reviews and testimonials to find one with a reputation for excellence and a portfolio of successful resort-style homes.

If your current house is lacking that WOW factor, it may be time to make some significant changes. Speak to local builders, interior designers and renovation specialists about what changes can be made to improve the resort-style feel of your home. You can even get involved and start small by completing some small landscaping tasks around the outside of your home today.

Create a sense of space

One of the biggest features you’ll notice when visiting a resort while on holiday is the sheer amount of space. Wide doorways, open areas and large floor-to-roof windows opens the area for a sense of space and tranquillity.

Bringing this sense of space into your home is simple. Even with a smaller home, there are some great quick tips online to help create the feeling of space and flow. These include:

  • De-cluttering your home
  • Incorporating natural light with floor-to-roof windows and ceiling windows
  • Using light, pale and natural colours in your home
  • Creating depth with mirrors to capitalise on natural light

resort style living create sense space

Indoor-outdoor living

The sense of space you create in your home should be enhanced by creating a flow between your indoor and outdoor areas. This can be done using bi-fold doors connecting your indoor living area to outdoor entertaining area.

The flow you create will not only improve your sense of space, it will also create a naturally flowing wind and light tunnel to make the most of nature.

Impress with water

Smart use of water gives a feeling and sense of tranquillity in a home. Create focal points both inside and outside your home using water features. Slow-flowing water features provide a calm and relaxing sound throughout the home, while also visually pleasing.

An outdoor swimming pool will also give the sense of the resort-style living you’re attempting to portray. Set up an outdoor gazebo next to your pool with some wooden lounge reclining seats. If you really wanted to impress your guests, you could take resort-style living to the next level (especially for homes with children) by building a home with a waterslide, drawing inspiration from this home in Queensland.

home waterslide

Bring your home to life with greenery

Incorporating greenery and wood into your home is one of the best ways to ‘WOW’ your guests and create an exciting retreat that’s ever changing and growing. Look for some native plants, flowers and shrubs to plant around the outside of your house. If you have a large outdoor area, consider planting some tropical trees to make it feel like you’ve travelled far away every time you step into your backyard.

Relaxation is key

The biggest benefit of having a resort-style home is the relaxation value it provides. People travel to resorts to escape from their everyday lives and relax in a new and exciting location. When designing the layout and décor of your home, keep relaxation at front-of-mind. Plan quiet areas throughout the home with comfortable furniture and neutral colours.


Author Bio: This article is written by Alex Hamilton, who recommends Lakeshore Group – Custom home builders specialising in resort style living. You can catch Alex on Google+.


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