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How to make the most of your square footage

How to make the most of your square footage
February 26, 2018 Stephen Charles
square footage usage ideas

How to make the most of your square footage 

Have small nook or studio apartment? Want to enjoy all the luxuries of spacious dwelling? Fret not! If you are living in a limited space and want to make most out of your square footage, these drool-worthy ideas would work for you to maximise your space.

Although it’s tempting to have a spacious stay, people still reside in homes that have small floor plans and are generally smaller.

There are many like you folk!

So, without further ado, have a look at the ideas to maximise space:

Whites ‘n’ whites

Paint your abode white! It will not only make the space look bright but will also create the illusion of wider area. The home design so high when you use unnecessary items. So, you can even accessorise the place with white furniture to make them look stand out. Don’t want to use paint coating? Use white textures or maybe white wallpaper to make the task easy and handy!

Mirror! Glare! Mirror!

One of the most popular yet oldest tricks that work for any place: add mirrors! Lots ’n’ lots of mirrors! But don’t put them everywhere.

Mirrors bring depth to the place making it look bigger and spacious. Look for the size of your room and then insert mirror accordingly. Also, don’t use frames, instead grab a single sheet and cover on your walls. You can use mirrors at corridors, near windows or perhaps in the kitchen.

Hang everything

square footage hang everything

Create an illusion of height by hanging your favourite artefacts above the eye-level. Hang things like bookshelves, picture frames. Make sure to bring pieces that complement colours of the room.

Movable walls

Create full-height movable doors to create flexible spaces. You can even use these doors to create the illusion of two separate rooms. The technique is pretty handy for a small niche to create an illusion of large rooms.  This trick will also work when you have guests at home, and you want more space for the nights. You can even add pull-down bed for some luxury.

Use skylights

Staircase with minimum headroom is quite uncomfortable. So what to do? Raise the roofline, or add a drome? But that will put a hole in your pocket!

How about trying skylights!

Skylights are perfect for creating illusion for the raised ceilings. It will not only make the roof look more notable, but will also brighten-up the place. You can even add an opening in the roof structure to create the maximum headroom at the staircase.

Go subtle with uppers

Wall hung cabinets, and wall-hung beds are perfect for places with limited space. For the kitchens, especially, too many cupboards will make the place look small. Swap your confined, box-like cabinets with open shelves and create space in the kitchen. You can put shelves at the bank of a kitchen window or perhaps around the side of the stove.

Light! Light! and Light!

square footage light

Whether you love hanging lights or you are looking for lamps and table tops, add light in your space to bring-in some vibrancy. Hanging lights are the best to grab eyeballs, and the orb-lighting and filament bulbs would also work on walls.

Use full-size furniture

square footage furniture

Using full-size furniture, rather than separate sofas, will bring depth in a dreary room. Plus, it also helps in hiding objects like wires that make the place shoddy.

Space planning and organising is the key, be it the redesigning small apartment or the spacious one. Also, the right size of furniture, the kind of interior and of course your beautiful artefacts are the one that can make or break any look. So, work smartly, bring-on the creative lad in you and make the most out of your square footage like a pro!


Author Bio: Stephen Charles is a renowned blogger, passionate to share amazing and helpful information with people on multiple niches. He loves to share his experiences with home designs gold coast, healthcare, news, technology, and sports enthusiasts from around the world.


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