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Stress. You don’t need it.

Stress. You don’t need it.
December 2, 2014 Josh Rowe

Stress. You don’t need it.

Homework helps lower the stress. When you know more than other buyers, when you have the funds and the strategy, that will add confidence.

When you know how much a home is really worth and you’re relaxed about letting other people over-pay if that’s what it comes to (because you know there are other homes out there that aren’t over-priced) then you can relax.

realAs can help you do that.

Knowing you won’t be snowed. That can be a big relief.

realAs accurately predicts home sale prices.

Each Saturday morning we take the “hot auctions” selected by The Age and Sydney Morning Herald and tweet the realAs predictions.

There are now over 280,000 homes on and realAs iPhone app.

We help buyers reduce the stress of buying a home.



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