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REALas Australia’s most accurate property price predictions

Sydney’s first underwater house sells

Sydney’s first underwater house sells
April 5, 2018 Josh Rowe
sydney underwater house sells

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Sydney’s first underwater house sells

Sydney-siders can’t get enough of real estate, but this development has taken things to a whole new level. In an Australian first, an Aussie family have bought into an exclusive new underwater development. Check it out. Read article

There’s a castle in Brisbane, and it’s for sale for the first time ever

A suburban castle in Brisbane has hit the open market for the first time — complete with a wine cellar that’s bigger than most apartments and parking for a dozen cars. Read article

Social housing sell-off ‘fails to fix growing NSW homelessness crisis’

Despite the NSW government selling $526 million worth of public housing in Millers Point, homelessness in NSW rose 37 per cent between 2011 and 2016. Read article

The art of the ‘slow build’: How one man built his wife a writing studio for $3200

Materials came from a variety of interesting sources including an old municipal building, a cinema and a church. Read article

A homeless and pregnant teen’s journey to shake up Melbourne’s real estate industry

My story is the dream story. Read article

It’d be a grave mistake to miss this gem in the Adelaide Hills

Not afraid of the dead? An 1860s church-turned-family-home in the Adelaide Hills comes complete with its own historic cemetery and could now be yours. Read article

Where unemployment is low and houses are cheap

These are the Queensland regional towns where unemployment is low and houses are cheap. Read article

How Adelaide council rates compare on a $450,000 house

How much value do you get for your council rates? Figures reveal the rates paid on a $450,000 house differ by as much as $1000 a year depending which part of Adelaide you live in — and the most expensive spots aren’t where you’d think. Read article

Landlords, you provide a service and that requires minimum standards

A rental property isn’t a generous gift to dodgy villains. It’s a service for an ordinary citizen, like fixing a car or providing a certain number of words by deadline. And this service asks for cert. Read article

The family of six who made a school bus their home

The bus is equipped with an open plan kitchen and living area, a full bath and a private master bedroom. Read article


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