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Sydney’s Most Affordable Suburbs

Sydney’s Most Affordable Suburbs
May 30, 2018 Mark O'Neill
Sydney's affordable suburbs

Who doesn’t love Sydney? Full of iconic landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge, Opera house, and $2.98m 1 bedroom apartments.

Finding an affordable place to live in Sydney can take months, even years.

Knowing which suburbs are affordable and compliment your lifestyle is the first step in finding a new home in Sydney. If you’re the kind of person that likes your space, then you’ll want an area with cheap land and floor area to get the most value for money. You might just have to give up hopes of having a harbour view.

To help you in your search, the team at REALas have analysed sales during the first quarter of the year to bring you the most affordable suburbs in Sydney.

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The results

Unit and house prices on the affordable end in Sydney are considerably higher than Melbourne’s numbers. On a positive note, these suburbs are relatively close to the CBD so commute times will not impact your life too negatively.

For Units, our standout is Granville (Median $520k) and for houses, Lalor Park (14.4% average growth p.a. over 5 years) takes the cake.

Most affordable suburbs for apartments (price of floor area)

NSWSuburbPrice per metreDistance from CBD
Source: June 2017
1LURNEA 2170 $1,124 41 km
2LALOR PARK 2147 $1,160 37 km
3MARAYONG 2148 $1,198 42 km
4BLACKTOWN 2148 $1,277 39 km
5SEVEN HILLS 2147 $1,322 37 km
6KINGS LANGLEY 2147 $1,377 37 km
7GUILDFORD 2161 $1,414 26 km
8BOSSLEY PARK 2176 $1,468 46 km
9ENGADINE 2233 $1,483 38 km
10TOONGABBIE 2146 $1,487 38 km

Most affordable suburbs for houses (price of land)

NSWSuburbPrice per metreDistance from CBD
Source: June 2017
1LAKEMBA 2195 $5,758 17 km
2AUBURN 2144 $5,865 24 km
3LIVERPOOL 2170 $5,990 41 km
4WILEY PARK 2195 $6,001 18 km
5MERRYLANDS 2160 $6,007 24 km
6GUILDFORD 2161 $6,145 26 km
7BANKSTOWN 2200 $6,179 20 km
8BLACKTOWN 2148 $6,275 39 km
9GRANVILLE 2142 $6,283 23 km
10TOONGABBIE 2146 $6,500 38 km

Why is Price Per Square Metre (PSM) important?

Price per square metre is the amount of money a buyer is paying for each metre of land they are purchasing. It is one of many tools and measures that investors and buyers can use to compare properties and locations.

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