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Tech Giants Take on Real Estate

Tech Giants Take on Real Estate
August 11, 2017 Josh Rowe
facebook amazon tech giants take real estate

Tech Giants Take on Real Estate

Tech giants, Facebook and Amazon, are making forays into the real estate sector. Some industry experts have expressed fear. However, new technology will provide a basis for innovation and improved customer service.

Facebook launches targeted real estate advertising

Facebook has launched a new way for residential real estate agents to advertise on their platform.

The Dynamic Ads for Real Estate product allows real estate agencies to advertise directly to Facebook and Instagram users who have already searched for homes on that agent’s website.

“Real estate is an area we’re betting big on as a company” Keith Watts, Facebook Industry Lead Financial Services and Real Estate

It’s not clear whether the leading Australian real estate portals will make it simple for real estate agents to integrate with Facebook’s new advertising product.

Amazon joins the real estate game

Meanwhile Amazon has launched a real estate agent referral service in the United States.

“Amazon now has a real estate agent referral service, so how fast will it game the real estate market?” – Greg Dickason, CoreLogic

The iPhone is only 10 years young, yet ambient computing is set to change the way humans interact with services through the Internet. Devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple Homepod will make it a cinch to talk rather than type your questions.

Now imagine home buyers, sellers, and property investors asking real estate questions to these ambient devices.

“Which are the best real estate agents in Richmond?”

The importance of which companies make these devices, and how real estate services are provided through them becomes the new Internet marketing frontier.

My Google Home device already knows which music I love, it even shows music videos on my TV via Chromecast.

The innovation that will surround this space may daunt some. However, the opportunity for even better ways to delight customers is undeniable.

Bring it on.


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