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Terrible Real Estate Photos

Terrible Real Estate Photos
June 23, 2016 Josh Rowe
terrible real estate photos

Terrible Real Estate Photos

There is no excuse for terrible real estate photos if you’re selling a home. A poorly presented home gives home buyers the upper hand in negotiations, in some cases the home buyers may stay away altogether.

Here are some truly terrible real estate photos.

1. Let me in

terrible real estate photos cat

“Seriously guys, open up. We can talk about this.”


2. Scary clown

terrible real estate photos scary clown

“Kyle has slept in the kitchen ever since they redecorated his room.”


3. Selfie Fail

terrible real estate photos selfie fail

“He never won agent of the month, but did bag the most technically accomplished selfie award.”


4. Lonely chair

terrible real estate photos lonely chair

“The Garden Chair of Solitude”


5. Matching!

terrible real estate photos matching

“Absolutely hideous curtains and carpet? … Check”


Great real estate photos

The majority of home buyers will first view homes on the internet.  Having great real estate photos is imperative to convince the potential home buyer to attend an open for inspection.

Here are five tips for taking great real estate photos:

  1. Light it up: make sure appropriate lighting is used for interior and exterior photos
  2. Declutter: clean up before taking photos and keep the framing of shots simple
  3. Variety: Show off internal and external photos of the home.
  4. Transparency: Don’t be misleading with your photos.  For example using a wide angle lens may make a room look huge on the property listing, but once the potential home buyer attends an open for inspection they’ll realise they’ve been duped.
  5. Go with a pro: Consider using a professional photographer to help you get the best sale price.

Still hanging for more where these came from?  Get stuck into these.  Note that some of these terrible real estate photos may be not suitable for work!




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