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The Block Blocktagon Sold Prices

The Block Blocktagon Sold Prices
November 25, 2015 Josh Rowe

The Block 2017 winners and sold prices revealed.

Look away now if you don’t want to know the result!

The Block contestants renovated the former Hotel Saville in South Yarra.

Here’s what the finished apartments looked like:

  • Dean and Shay – The Go-Getters” from Newcastle NSW are a Electrician & English/Drama Teacher
  • Luke and Ebony – “The 2nd Chance Siblings” from Perth WA are a Carpenter/Landscaper  & Interior Designer/Decorator
  • Kingi and Caro – “The Larrikins” from Townsville QLD who are a Renderer & Business Development Manager
  • Suzi and Voni – “The Single Mums” from Gold Coast QLD who are a Real Estate Agent & Fitness Studio Manager
  • Whitney and Andy – The Sweethearts” from Melbourne VIC who are a Form Worker & Beauty Therapist

… and here’s who won The Block Blocktagon series [ SPOILER ALERT ]

The Block Blocktagon winners

Rank Couple Reserve Auction Result Profit Total Winnings Auction Order
1 Dean & Shay $1,645,000 $2,300,000 $655,000 $755,000 3rd
2 Luke & Ebony $1,560,000 $2,200,000 $640,000 $640,000 5th
3 Kingi & Caro $1,330,000 $1,735,000 $405,000 $405,000 1st
4 Andrew & Whitney $1,400,000 $1,790,000 $390,000 $390,000 4th
5 Suzi & Voni $1,480,000 $1,829,000 $349,000 $349,000 2nd


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