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The Oldest Real Estate Dirty Trick

The Oldest Real Estate Dirty Trick
April 21, 2016 Josh Rowe
oldest real estate dirty trick

The oldest real estate dirty trick is an absolute waste of time, money and heartbreak.

Last night at a social event I was introduced to a young couple who are house hunting.

The couple told me they had been using to help them find a home in their real home price budget.

One recent experience they recounted was with a Melbourne real estate agent who had provided them with a pre-auction quote for a property.

They checked realAs and our prediction was higher than the agent’s quote for this particular property.

When they put the realAs prediction in front of the real estate agent, he openly admitted that the realAs prediction was closer to the likely selling price.

The couple asked the real estate agent why the property was advertised for less than what it was expected to sell for, the agent simply replied:

because everyone else does it around here

The oldest real estate dirty trick will cease to exist

The dirty trick is underquoting and the reason it will cease to exist is because of the increase in usage of home price prediction services like realAs.

Today 1 in 20 home buyers across Australia are already using  The popularity of realAs is fuelled by customers – like you – telling your friends, family and work mates.

Smart real estate agents are adapting quickly to digital innovation by using this new level of information transparency to promote their competitive differences.

Here’s how some of the Top 10 most accurate real estate agents are marketing themselves.

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