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Who do You Trust in Real Estate?

Who do You Trust in Real Estate?
December 3, 2015 Josh Rowe

Trust is a feeling of confidence in someone that shows you believe they are honest, fair, and reliable

The amount of trust you place in other people depends on many factors:

  1. Reliability
    • Doing what they say
    • Honouring commitments
    • Being consistent
  2. Honesty
    • Telling the truth
    • Admitting it when they lie
    • Speaking from the heart
    • Expressing their feelings
  3. Being Open
    • Volunteering information
    • Not omitting important details
    • Saying they have secrets
  4. Showing Their Integrity
    • Keeping secrets told to them
    • Displaying loyalty
    • Keeping their feelings under control
    • Avoiding abusive behaviour
    • Using assertive and respectful communication
    • Restoring broken trust

In practice, we trust Doctors and Nurses for our care.  We trust School Teachers to educate our children.  We trust engineers to design buildings, homes and bridges which won’t fall down.  These are rated as the most trusted professions.

The least trusted professions are Car Salespeople, Advertising People and Real Estate Agents.

However, it is unfair to paint everyone in a single profession with the same brush.

There are trust worthy real estate agents.

Therefore home buyers and sellers should consider what level of trust to place in the real estate agent based on their reliability, honesty, openness and integrity.

When it comes to the hard quantitative data for the accurate quoting of real estate prices.  Here are the Top 10 most accurate Real Estate Agents from NSW and VIC.

Who do you trust in real estate ?


VIC Accurate Real Estate Agents Sold Price vs Agent Quote Sold Price vs
1 Brad Teal – Keilor 10.3% 8.5%
2 U First Real Estate 10.3% 7.7%
3 Chisholm & Gamon – Elwood 10.3% 6.4%
4 Noel Jones – Box Hill 11.3% 5.7%
5 Compton Green – Williamstown & Yarraville 13.0% 7.2%
6 Pagan Real Estate 13.2% 4.8%
7 Buxton – Brighton 13.4% 5.3%
8 Brad Teal – Pascoe Vale South 13.6% 5.3%
9 Nelson Alexander – Carlton North 14.0% 3.5%
10 YPA Estate Agents – Taylors Lakes 14.4% 6.9%
Source: October 2015


NSW Accurate Real Estate Agents Sold Price vs Agent Quote Sold Price vs
1 Stone Real Estate – Seaforth 6.1% 6.8%
2 One Agency The Parks 6.6% 6.6%
3 McGrath – Parramatta 7.0% 10.7%
4 McGrath – Byron Bay 7.2% 5.6%
5 McGrath – Ballina 7.3% 10.1%
6 PRDnationwide – Newcastle/Lake Macquarie 7.8% 2.9%
7 McGrath – Warners Bay 7.8% 3.6%
8 McGrath – Pymble 7.9% 5.6%
9 McGrath – Coogee 8.0% 4.2%
10 BresicWhitney – Darlinghurst 8.3% 4.7%
Source: October 2015


With respect to the survey:

  • it is for auctions in October 2015
  • from Victoria and New South Wales
  • only real estate agencies with 4 or more publicly available quotes and auction results were included
  • the “Sold Price vs Agent Quote” is the average percentage difference between the sold price and the public agency quote
  • the “Sold Price vs” is the average percentage difference between the sold price and the prediction

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Source: 4 Ways to Build Trust – wikihow


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