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We Stuffed Up

We Stuffed Up
December 24, 2015 Josh Rowe

We stuffed up.

The most shared realAs article in 2015 was us admitting to our stuff up.  We pride ourselves on being accurate predictors of home sale prices.  Confessing that we were wrong got your attention.

Top 10 most shared realAs articles

  1. We Were Wrong – Sorry
    It’s never easy to admit that you’re wrong. In fact others might simply try to hide things that could make them look bad. We were wrong and we are sorry.
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    Every weekend people going through homes at open for inspections, many have very little idea what they are actually looking for.
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    Real estate agents have their own language, that can often amuse, bemuse and confuse, leading to unsuspecting buyers up the garden path to misunderstanding.
  5. 20 Inaccurate Agents Named, New Underquoting Laws
    The NSW Government passed new underquoting laws to provide consumers with greater protections when purchasing property. We name the most inaccurate agents.
  6. A Glimpse into the Future of Real Estate
    Homes built by 3D printers and buying property with digital currency. Real estate is in its infancy. Here’s a taste of what the future of real estate holds.
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  8. Beginner’s Guide to Property Investment
    Thinking about investing in property but don’t know where to start?  You’re not alone.
  9. Gauge the Level of Interest in the Property
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  10. Inaccurate Real Estate Agents Exposed – a web site by buyers and for buyers – announces a new leader board of the most inaccurate real estate agents in Victoria and New South Wales.


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